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The Fluke DTX 1800 fiber modules give you Fiber on-board when you need it. Five times faster than existing testers with 12-second Autotest.Delivers Tier 1 LinkWare fiber certification Reports. Optimized for applications ranging from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s. Locates fibers, verifies continuity and polarity, and finds breaks with built-in VFL. Speeds testing with TALK, FINDFIBER, MONITOR, bi directional and single fiber test features Supports multiple SFF (small form factor) fiber connectors.

The Fluke DTX 1800 Fiber Modules are engineered to accelerate testing through exclusive technology and an easy-to-use interface. Press the Autotest button and automatically test two fibers, each at two wavelengths, measure length, and determine pass or fail status - all in about 12 seconds.

Our fiber modules let you test more fibers in less time, minimizing testing costs and freeing you up for other tasks. Over time. Fluke DTX fiber modules provide a complete Tier 1 certification solution - loss, length and polarity. Validate fiber link performance and installation quality. Measure optical loss at multiple wavelengths, measure fiber length and verify polarity. You can bi-directionally test two fibers at two wavelengths with incredible speed without swapping main and remote units.


  • Cat 6 Autotest time (seconds) 9 9,
  • Maximum bandwidth (MHz) 900,
  • Accuracy level IV,
  • Color display,
  • Stores graphical results data,
  • Internal memory capacity (graphical Cat 6) 250,
  • Removable memory card interface,
  • Cat 6 graphical results for each of 32 MB multiple 600,
  • Lithium ion batteries – battery life 12 hours,
  • Advanced diagnostics,
  • AC Wire Map capability,
  • USB interface,
  • Serial interface,
  • Cat 6A permanent link adapter,
  • Cat 6 channel adapter, 
  • Accepts resident fiber module,
  • Start autotest at smart remote,
  • Talk between main and smart remote.