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The Megger LT7 Digital Earth Loop Tester is a small hand held instrument designed to accurately, reliably and easily measure loop resistances and prospective fault currents at socket outlets, distribution boards and light sockets. The Megger LT7 Earth Loop Tester may also be used for testing earth bonding.

Two loop tests are available; the traditional high current test for circuits protected by fuses, and a low current test for taking measurements on circuits which are protected by residual current devices (RCDs). Measurements of phase-earth loop resistance and prospective earth fault current (PEFC) are made at socket outlets using the standard lead supplied. The included two wire lead set allows these measurements, also phase-neutral loop resistance and prospective short circuit current (PSCC), to be taken at locations such as distribution boards or lighting fittings where there is no socket outlet available.

For all prospective fault current measurements simply select the dedicated switch position. The nominal 23A test current is applied and the results are displayed directly on the liquid crystal display. Two liquid crystal "neons" monitor the voltage between phase and earth and between neutral and earth, and will 'light up' if a voltage is detected. The LT7 will check that the mains supply voltage is within limits and will inhibit testing if the earth contact voltage would rise above 50V if the test were continued.

The Megger LT7 Digital Earth Loop Tester is powered by four internal dry cells although the test current uses the mains supply voltage. It is therefore able to make measurements of phase earth loop resistance via a standard mains plug, or of phase-earth or phase neutral loop resistance using the two wire lead set. The two wire set may also be used to test bonded metalwork.