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About Us

Test and Measurement Hire established for over 20 years, we provide high precision test and measurement equipment to engineers and consultants in the industrial trade. Based in the North West and Aberdeen, we stock test and measurement equipment from leading manufacturers such as, Fluke, Megger, Chauvin Arnoux, Omicron, Ametek and Ge Druck.
Our instruments have been carefully hand picked by our experienced team of engineers to ensure the safety, reliability and functionality of our test and measurement equipment. Our extensive knowledge and capability allows us to deliberate and execute your unique requirements and we believe it’s this which sets us apart from the competition.
We’ve come to recognise that finding the ideal test and measurement instruments to hire for your project isn’t as simple as you may think. There are many things you need to take into consideration before finding a solution suitable for your requirements. Here at Test and Measurement Hire you will find key information on all our featured products, which in turn will help identify the perfect tool for the job.
Each of our instruments come with their own unique purpose and are devised to deliver a high standard of specification.
UKAS Traceable Calibration Equipment Hire
Over time the precision of your test and measurement equipment will degrade, as a result of an electrical error or general wear and tear. Our calibration equipment is designed to develop the functionality of your test and equipment once again, allowing you to deliver high accurate results.
Our calibration instruments are suitable for workshop and field use, offering you the flexibility you desire when it comes to completing your projects.
Why Hire When You Can Buy?
Generally, test equipment is only ever used sporadically or for a one off project. With test equipment hire you only need to pay for it when you use it – it’s that simple.
This allows you to maximise your budget, whilst being exposed to all the latest and advanced technology on the market.
If you already familiar with test and measurement equipment, you will know that maintaining, calibrating and warehousing your machine can come along with a substantial cost. With test and measurement hire you can eliminate maintenance costs, leaving you with a simple monthly fee.
Rental payments are also fully tax deductible and the expenses can be retrieved far more quickly than tax allowance for ongoing deprecation. With that said, capital rental is the most efficient way to adopt technology into your business.
Repair & Calibration Service
Alongside our calibration equipment hire we also provide a calibration service that covers all types of electrical, pneumatic and mechanical test equipment, and can be carried out on-site or off-site. We provide a fully traceable calibration certificate with a fast turnaround time as standard.
Recommended by many engineers and businesses for our affordable pricing and pleasant customer service, you can find everything that you need at instruments 4 hire.
If you have any enquiries or requests, please get in touch. Call us or complete an enquiry form online and one of our friendly representatives will be in contact.

Established for over 21 years, ESS Safeforce is the market leader in the supply of specialist equipment including:

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Strategically located around the United Kingdom, Republic Of Ireland and the Netherlands, ESS Safeforce is best placed to offer solutions for all of your equipment needs in terms of Rental, Sales, Service and Training.