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Product of the week: Casella Dust Detective


For the ideal survey tool choose the Casella Dust Detective – the quick and easy solution for area monitoring.

For site operators and managers who need to monitor the dust levels within their site, internal or external, the Casella Dust Detective gets the job done fast and efficiently. It includes the Microdust Pro and a personal sampling pump, all housed in a sturdy case. The Dust Detective is all you need for professional area monitoring.

 The Microdust Pro is a real time, logging dust monitor for the detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. The dust monitor is an easy to use instrument which gives the user the additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument can also be used with a range of accessories for static and size selective sampling applications.

 The Casella Dust Detective is also capable of size selection of fractions with optional accessories, whether occupational hygiene measurements of total inhalable or respirable fractions or the environmental fractions, PM2.5 and PM10. With ease of operation, no external power supply needed, and 13 hour operation, the Dust Detective is the quintessential solution for all your survey measurements.


• Gravimetric & real-time dust data

• Ideal for site surveys

• Ease of operation

• Operates up to 13 hours

• Samples for PM10, PM2.5 & respirable fractions

• Individual instruments can be removed & utilised separately

• No external power supply required

• Ideal for remote locations

• Indoor/outdoor applications

• Protection rating: IP65

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Friday 19th of January 2018

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