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Product of the Week: EA UltraTEV Plus2



The UltraTEV Plus² is the newest addition introduced to the UltraTEV™ range. It is an easy-to-use instrument that integrates additional sensing capabilities and real-time advances analytical features enabling users to distinguish between true PD, noise and other interference allowing users to make better decisions whilst saving time and money and enhance the safety of their staff and network.

The UltraTEV Plus² has been built to make asset inspection easy. Using cleverly designed algorithms the UltraTEV Plus² is able to help the operator understand the results, interpreting the data and displaying clear results on screen so that users know instantaneously the condition of the asset they are inspecting.


  • Provides numerical and audible ultrasonic readings for classification of PD
  • Provides numerical and audible TEV readings for interpretation of PD
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows survey results to be easily synchronised with asset management systems
  • Phase resolved and waveform displays allow more reliable and conclusive decisions to be made based on measured PD
  • Menu-driven, backlit colour touchscreen and keyboard (can be used wearing gloves)
  • Portable & rugged
  • Compatible with all UltraTEV Plus+ accessories
  • Long-life, rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion battery)

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Tuesday 11th of December 2018

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