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HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set – Who is it for and what does it do?


The affordable, rugged and reliable HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set is ideal for use by various field and repair shop testing specialists thanks to its compact and lightweight build. This comprehensive instrument features capacitive load compensation, enabling full load testing with a power draw of 1.5kVA whilst operating from a conventional line input. It is an easy-to-use two-piece test set that also comes with a top toroid termination and is supplied in an easily transportable case for simple manoeuvring – perfect for improving productivity on-site!

This instrument can be used to test a diverse range of equipment including overhead apparatus, vacuum bottles and interrupters, motorised vacuum switches, linemans safety products, small transformers, electrical components and motors and much more – making the HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set the preeminent all-rounder for virtually all your hipot application testing needs.

The HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set inhabits a variety of innovative controls and safety features such as:

  • Dual range kilovoltmeter and triple range output current meter
  • Continuously adjustable output control
  • External safety interlock
  • Zero-start safety interlock
  • Self-resetting over current protection
  • Guard ground return mode
  • HV on/off and main power push-buttons
  • Ruggedised meters with glass windows that eliminate static build-up

For more information on the HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set, please click here.

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

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