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JUST LANDED: Megger MFM 10-1 Mobile Sheath Fault Location System

At Test & Measurement we endeavour to keep our hire fleet up-to-date with the current industry leading instruments and that’s why we are continuously adding new, innovative products to our extensive range of equipment. This week we are thrilled to introduce the Megger MFM 10-1 Mobile Sheath Fault Location System.

The Megger MFM 10-1 is a state-of-the-art mobile, battery operated sheath fault location system up to ± 10kV DC.

The instrument features an intuitive menu-driven operation, automatic measurement and evaluation system which enables cable sheaths to be tested and sheath faults to be pre-located and pinpointed as simply as possible. Data can be easily entered using the proven Megger rotary encoder principle which is made simpler with the 5.7” LED touch-screen.

The powerful 10kV DC source with positive and negative polarity allows HV cables to be tested while the bi-polar function ensures that external thermoelectric and galvanic influences are eliminated. A multi-section facility permits the entry of cable segments with different parameters. Difficult faults can be “burned” thanks to the available high current of up to 750 mA. The MFM 10-1 can also use its integrated protocolling feature with the approved Easyprot software to effortlessly generate comprehensive test reports.

The Megger MFM 10-1 Mobile Sheath Fault Location System is an excellent addition to your engineers’ cable testing instruments with its multi-functionality and extensive range of advanced features. Why not hire online now at our parent company, ESS Safeforce’s, website - just click here or call us on 01704 896 521 for more information.


• Testing

• Prelocation & pinpointing

• Burning

• Direct resistance measurement

• Voltage & current limiter

• Quick event/transient recognition


• Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults

• Audio frequency option with 8.44 kHz

• High current of up to 750 mA

• Only one HV connection cable

• Automatic measurement & protocolling

• Safe operation via connection box

• In line with DIN EN 50191, VDE 0104 & BGI 891

• Solid IP53 PELI trolley case for easy handling

• Wide range input for all supply voltages

• Powerful rechargeable battery

• Improved prelocation with voltage drop method

• Highest accuracy by bi-polar measurement

• Independent from the resistance of supplementary wires & test leads

• Detection, storage & indication of fast events

• Slim HV connector & just one HV cable

• Fault locating of high-resistive faults inside cables

• Integrated discharge up to 10 µF

• Graphical display of voltage & current

• Fast pulse rate of 0.5:1 in connection with the ESG NT

• Dimensions: 500 x 457 x 305 mm

• Weight: 25kg including cable

• Protection class: IP53 (with closed lid)

• Comes together with Earth Fault Probe as standard

Monday 18th of March 2019

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