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The Druck ADTS553F Pitot Static Tester could be landing at your airport!


Do you work in aircraft maintenance? Then the Druck ADTS553 Pitot Static Tester could be the avionic solution for you.

What does the Druck ADTS553 Pitot Static Tester do?

A portable, three-channel flightline pitot static tester, the Druck ADTS553F provides pitot static air data validation, leak testing, fault finding and avionics instrument testing for any aircraft requiring angle of attack two off static-controlled channels, in addition to a pitot test channel. Efficiently, the instrument is also able to be used as a standard two-channel flightline air data test set.

Outstanding Features

The Druck ADTS553 Pitot Static Tester has been designed with a number of fantastic features that make this a one-of-a-kind, portable and accurate solution for aircraft engineers across the world. These features include:

• Bluetooth technology with a remote touch/swipe screen, hand terminal to provide an easy-to-use, compliant, portable and accurate solution to pitot static instrumentation testing of light aircraft and helicopters on the flightline and in the hangar.

• The terminal's colour screen user-interface employs swipe technology and its intuitive touch menu, which allows operators to scroll quickly through the tasks. All test sequences can be saved and recalled, with rapid access to parameters such as altitude, rate of climb, calibrated air speed and true air speed.

• Uses standard icons and layouts for routine testing

• Multiple language settings

• High flow proportional pressure control technology

• Low airspeed option TERPS high accuracy pressure sensors inside

• Accuracy suitable for RVSM validation 15-month accuracy for low cost of ownership

• Engine Pressure Ratio option

• Stores customised aircraft test sequences

• Large capacity pressure/vacuum pump

Are you an avionic engineer in need of the Druck ADS553F Piot Static Tester? Then don’t wait, book your hire today at [email protected] - this state-of-the-art instrument is in high demand and has recently travelled across Europe to Poland to be utilised in one of their airports, receiving fantastic reviews from the customer.

Click here for more information or alternatively, give us a call on 01704 896521 to discuss your requirements.

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

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