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Civil Engineers, this one’s for you…

Did you know that T&M have a range of power analysis equipment designed for use in civil engineering? With power analysis equipment hire you cut out the need for maintenance and calibration fees, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run - we’ve got the tools to help you get the job done…

Power Analysis Equipment – Our top three

1. Dranetz Px5 Power Explorer PX5 

The Dranetz Power Explorer PX5 integrates the most advanced feature set available in a power monitoring instrument using an easy-to-navigate colour graphical user interface. The PX5’s high-speed sampling and data capture characterises hundreds of parameters using a range of standard and customisable operating modes. The PX5 really does set the standard for energy and power measurement!

2. Fluke 435 II Power Quality Analyser 

In industry, healthcare, and business - in fact wherever electrical and electronic equipment is depended upon - power quality plays a critical role in maintaining productivity and consistency. The Fluke 435 II has you covered, its unsurpassed range of three-phase and single-phase power quality analysers help users sustain power systems fast and effectively. Lower downtime and equipment failure with an instrument you can depend on – the Fluke 435 II Power Quality Analyser.

3. Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 

The Chauvin Arnoux 8336 provides a quick way of checking the quality of your electrical network and has more inputs for four voltages up to 1000 volts for currents up to 6500 amps. The 8336 has a large recording capacity for all the parameters, 10,000 programmable alarms and measures the inrush over a period of more than one minute. Generate a full report on the network’s capabilities as well as any disturbances detected – so now you can directly intervene to deal with any issues and concentrate on completing the job at hand.

One of our core focus points at Test & Measurement is to provide Civil Engineers with a low-cost and dependable solution – these instruments are the ones for the job and will keep your business running smoothly!

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Wednesday 4th of September 2019

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