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Testing current transformers for excitation, ratio, polarity and winding resistance tests on current transformers (CTs) as well as burden-impedance measurement. Test & Measurement can provide the right equipment to suit any CT test Application.  The equipment provides automatic testing and calibration for all types of low leakage flux current transformers both on-site in the power system as well in the controlled environment of CT and switchgear manufacturers.


Providing equipment to carry out automatic assessment of test results clearly indicating whether the parameters of the CT under test match its specification. It is the only known device able to test and assess CTs build according IEC60044-6 with defined transient performance (TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ). Because of the patented (EP 1 398 644 A1) low voltage test method it is possible to test CTs with a knee point voltage up to 15 kV without stressing the insulation of the CT (max. 120 V test voltage).


Our range of Mag Curve step up transformers enable the user to produce CT Excitation curves and also demagnetise CT cores

Megger Magnus Step-Up Transformer equipment hire

Megger Magnus Step-Up Transformer

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OMICRON C/T ANALYSER equipment hire


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