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Hire Electrical Test Equipment

At Test and Measurement Hire we have a huge selection of electrical test equipment to hire. From battery load testers, C/T Analysers to high Voltage test sets and oil test sets. If you are unsure what electrical test equipment you need or cannot find what you are looking for please contact us, one of our experienced customer advisors will be able to offer  support and advise for all your electrical test equipment needs.


Electrical Test Equipment Hire

We have an extensive range of hi-accuracy, state-of-the-art electrical test instruments available for hire today. For over 15 years we have worked closely with many local authorities, industrial and commercial businesses and are often documented on our competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 oblige those who mange or take part in an electrical structure that they ensure that components are safe to be used by others, whilst maintaining a secure environment. With that said, we have dedicated many years developing relationships with leading electrical test equipment manufacturers which in turn have allowed us access to all their latest technology.

So whether you need a low weight, hi-speed portable appliance tester to help increase the productivity of your project or require a unique piece of equipment such as a circuit breaker designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by a potential overcurrent – we can help!

Test Hire Eliminates Maintenance Fees and Increases Business Capital

Why hire electrical test equipment when you can buy? Hiring removes the need for storage, allowing you to maintain a clear and safe environment. Test electrical equipment can come in all shapes and sizes and if it’s not stored in the correct way you could face substantial damages in the long term - leaving your business out of pocket.

If you require a significant amount of equipment, then renting is definitely the option for you. No doubt if you’re reading this you have used electrical test equipment before. You will know that maintenance and calibration fees can be expensive. With electrical test equipment hire however you have access to all the latest equipment without having to worry about any daunting maintenance fees, allowing you to spend business capital where it counts the most.

Start Hiring Electrical Equipment Today

If you’re unsure what electrical test equipment you need or can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us. We have a team of experienced advisors who have previously been accredited for their exceptional support. Feel free to send us an email or call us on our 24/7 technical support line for additional help.

Electrical Test Equipment Sub Categories
Battery Load Testers Hire

Battery Load Testers

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C/T Analysers Hire

C/T Analysers

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Circuit Breaker Analysers Hire

Circuit Breaker Analysers

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Clamp on Ammeters Hire

Clamp on Ammeters

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Earth Leakage Testers Hire

Earth Leakage Testers

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Earth Loop Impedance Testers Hire

Earth Loop Impedance Testers

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Earth Testers Hire

Earth Testers

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Flash/Withstand Testers Hire

Flash/Withstand Testers

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High Voltage Test Sets Hire

High Voltage Test Sets

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HV Insulation Testers Hire

HV Insulation Testers

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HV Live Line Testers/Phase Comparators Hire

HV Live Line Testers/Phase Comparators

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LV Insulation Testers Hire

LV Insulation Testers

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Micro-Ohmmeters Hire


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Multifunction Testers for Electrical Installations Hire

Multifunction Testers for Electrical Installations

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Oil Test Sets Hire

Oil Test Sets

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Partial Discharge Hire

Partial Discharge

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Phase Shifters Hire

Phase Shifters

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Phase/Continuity Indicators Hire

Phase/Continuity Indicators

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Portable Appliance Testers Hire

Portable Appliance Testers

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Primary Current Injection Test Sets PCITS Hire

Primary Current Injection Test Sets PCITS

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RCD Testers Hire

RCD Testers

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Relay Protection Test Modules Hire

Relay Protection Test Modules

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Secondary Current Injection Test Sets SCITS Hire

Secondary Current Injection Test Sets SCITS

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Solar Installation Test Hire

Solar Installation Test

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Three Phase Relay Test Sets Hire

Three Phase Relay Test Sets

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Transformer Testing Hire

Transformer Testing

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Variable Power Supplies Hire

Variable Power Supplies

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