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Hire Earth Loop Impedance Testers

Earth Loop Impedance Testing (Ze, Zs) is a critical measurement in ensuring the safety of an electrical installation and establishing the correct Ze on an incoming supply. It is important to have the correct Earth Loop Impedance which will guarantee that protective devices open during a fault condition


The three important factors which determine individual Earth Loop Impedances for an installation are the local Earth Resistance, Cable Resistance and Transformer impedance. Local earth conditions and Transformer impedance are usually quite constant and cannot be changed. Cable resistance therefore is the one factor which can be changed to amend the level of impedance ensuring safe tripping on fault condition. We stock Earth Loop Impedance Testers with resolution down to 0.001ohms and can test up to 750V

MEGGER LT300 High Current Loop Tester equipment hire

MEGGER LT300 High Current Loop Tester

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MEGGER LTW 425 LOOP TESTER equipment hire


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Megger LTW325 equipment hire

Megger LTW325

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Sonel MZC-306 Loop Impedance Meter  equipment hire

Sonel MZC-306 Loop Impedance Meter

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