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Hire Test and Calibration Equipment

At Test and Measurement Hire we provide engineers, local authorities and industrial businesses with a comprehensive range of hand-held test and measurement instruments for a mixture of calibration purposes. Each of our calibration products are suitable for workshop and field use, providing you with the flexibility you need when it comes to completing your assignments.

Our calibration instruments are fully tested with manuals and certified for use.

Why Calibration is so Important

Over a period of time the accuracy of your test and measurement equipment will reduce, due to typical wear and tear or as a result of a mechanical fault. Calibration is a process that helps develop the accuracy of your measuring device, allowing you to continue improving your overall product quality.

We have come together with many leading calibration manufacturers such as; Eurothem, Druck, Fluke and Hart who have permitted us access to all their latest technology.

Our hire test and calibration equipment includes:

• Chart recorders

• Pressure calibrators

• Digital manometers

•Pressure indicators

• Radio communicators

• Frequency generators

• Low pressure calibrators

• Decade boxes

• Scopemeters

…Just to name a few.

Hiring can help Increase Business Capital and Productivity

Hiring test and measurement equipment lets you to ‘try before you buy’ allowing you to see how well it fits into your project without having to commit to a substantial investment upfront.

If you have experience using calibration equipment you will know that test and measurement instruments will eventually meet their demise, due to out-of-date technology. With calibration equipment hire this is no longer a concern for you, as we provide each of our clients with all the latest equipment available on the market.

Rent High-Quality Test and Calibration Equipment

Our success is built on our dependable, on-going customer service and cultivating range of test and measurement instruments. Contact our approachable team today for information on test and measurement hire. Each of our representatives have a prominent understanding about calibration testing and have the ability to provide you with unbiased advice. Email us today and one of our representatives will be in touch or give us a ring using our 24/7 support line.

Test and Calibration Equipment Sub Categories
Data Loggers Hire

Data Loggers

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Digital Multimeters Hire

Digital Multimeters

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Frequency Generators/Counters Hire

Frequency Generators/Counters

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Low Pressure Calibrators Hire

Low Pressure Calibrators

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Milliamp/Loop Calibrators Hire

Milliamp/Loop Calibrators

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Millivolt Sources Hire

Millivolt Sources

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Multifunction Calibrators Hire

Multifunction Calibrators

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Oscilloscopes Hire


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Pressure Calibrators Hire

Pressure Calibrators

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Pressure Indicators Hire

Pressure Indicators

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Radio Communications Hire

Radio Communications

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RTD/Decade Boxes Hire

RTD/Decade Boxes

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Scopemeters Hire


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Smart Communicators Hire

Smart Communicators

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Temperature Dry Block Calibrators Hire

Temperature Dry Block Calibrators

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WiFi Testers Hire

WiFi Testers

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