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Hire Temperature Test Equipment

Test and Measurement Hire provide a comprehensive range of temperature measuring equipment, multi channel recording, data acquisition and data logging equipment. These begin with the basic Temperature Indicator (IS)and include Oven Thermal Profile Loggers and sophisticated Thermal Imaging Cameras, complete with report analysis software. 

Data can be manipulated utilising purpose designed software or indicated on paper chart recorders.

Temperature Test Equipment

We pride ourselves on our complete range of temperature test and measurement instruments which we provide to many oil, gas and natural resource engineers. We’re renowned as one of the leading test and measurement providers in the UK, and supply an extensive range of test and measurement instruments from top level brands such as Diligence, Flir, Fluke and Graphtec.

Our featured products have been wisely hand picked by our qualified team of technicians to guarantee the safety, integrity and most importantly the user functionality of each piece of equipment - it’s this method that separates us from the competition.

Our variety of knowledge and experience allows us to deliberate and fully understand your requirements, enabling us to recommend you the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Each of our featured products provide their own unique purpose and are designed to meet a high standard of specification – temperature test products available at Test and Measurement Hire include:

• Temperature data loggers

• Thermal array recorders

• Temperature dry block calibrators

• Thermal image cameras

• Temperature indictors

• Thermal profiles loggers

Instantly Save Money with Temperature Test Equipment Hire

If you’re reading this now no doubt you’re considering hiring temperature test equipment, whether it be for a one-off specific project or you’re thinking about to replacing some obsolete equipment.

With ownership comes maintenance and operation fees, such as government licensing and insurance – leaving you out of pocket. Temperature equipment hire however takes away the pressure of having to compensate for these tedious expenses, leaving you with an easy, fixed rental payment that suits your requirements.

Temperature instruments will eventually become outdated. With temperature equipment hire however you pass the burden of obsolescence’s to us, whilst having access to all the latest technology on the market.

Hiring Temperature Test Equipment Has Never Been Easier

Ready to hire temperature test and measurement equipment? We have both short and long term contracts with many engineers, consultants and local authorities nationwide. If you’re unsure which equipment you need for your specific project or would like to learn more about our exclusive next day delivery service, please call us now using our 24/7 support line.

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Temperature Data loggers

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Temperature Dry Block Calibrators

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Temperature Indicators Hire

Temperature Indicators

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Temperature Wet Block Calibrators Hire

Temperature Wet Block Calibrators

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Thermal Array Recorders

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