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Hire Environmental Monitoring

Test and Measurement Hire have an extensive range of Environmental Monitoring Equipment available for hire. 


Hire Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Established for over 15 years, we provide clientele in the commercial and construction industry with environmental monitoring test equipment. At Test and Measurement Hire we are recognised for our competitive pricing and dependable customer service. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our short and long term contracts and the sheer quality of our instruments.

Equipment that Covers the Entire Spectrum of Environmental Considerations

Environmental monitoring can be described as the methodical sampling of air, water, soil and biota. It’s an observation and a study of the ecosystem. Environmental Monitoring is required for environmental science and certificate specifications.

At Test and Measurement Hire we are associated with many leading environmental test equipment manufacturers including, Chauvin Arnoux, Digitron and Larson Davis, all of which have allowed us access to all their newest technology.

We provide a variety of instrumentation to meet both budget and testing specifications. Our environmental monitoring range includes:

• Air quality analysers

• Land fill gas analysers

• Alignment systems

• Lux meters

• Combustion analysers

• Personal gas detectors

• Dust analysers

• Sound level meters

• Humidity monitors

• Vibration monitors ...and much more.

All of the above cover the majority of the Health and Safety considerations for office, workshop and field applications.

Why Should You Hire When You Can Buy?

We get it, when it comes to test and measurement equipment the choice to hire or buy can become challenging. You want to come up with a cost effective solution without breaking the bank. The bottom line is - hiring can expand your bottom line!

When it comes to hiring environmental monitoring equipment there is no upfront investment required – easing your cash flow so that it can be managed more effectively. Also, there is no need to calculate depreciation or maintenance expenses, allowing you to fully focus on the project in hand.

Start Hiring Environmental Equipment Today

Discover our comprehensive range of environmental test and measurement equipment and try something new to benefit your business. Email or call us on our 24/7 support line with your requirements. Our friendly representatives are fully qualified to help find a solution that suits your needs.

Environmental Monitoring Sub Categories
Air Quality Analysers Hire

Air Quality Analysers

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Alignment Systems Hire

Alignment Systems

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Combustion Analysers Hire

Combustion Analysers

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Dust Analysers Hire

Dust Analysers

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Electrical Field detectors Hire

Electrical Field detectors

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Environmental Monitoring Services Hire

Environmental Monitoring Services

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Gas Purge Systems Hire

Gas Purge Systems

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Humidity Monitors Hire

Humidity Monitors

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Land Fill Gas Analysers Hire

Land Fill Gas Analysers

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Lux Meters Hire

Lux Meters

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Personal Gas Detectors Hire

Personal Gas Detectors

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Sound Level Meters Hire

Sound Level Meters

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Tachometers Hire


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Thickness Testers Hire

Thickness Testers

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Ultrasonic Water Pipe Verifier Hire

Ultrasonic Water Pipe Verifier

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Vibration Monitors Hire

Vibration Monitors

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Videoprobes / Boroscopes / RVI Inspection Hire

Videoprobes / Boroscopes / RVI Inspection

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