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DRANETZ PX5 50 HZ (inc Laptop) Power Quality Analyser

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The Dranetz Px5 Power Explorer is capable of measuring all Power Quality problems. Power Quality & Survey diagnostics, fast transient capture, local distortion and imbalance. Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15 and compliance monitoring to IEEE 1159, IEC61000 4-30 Class A & EN50160.

The Dranetz Px5 uses Dran-view software as well as on-board displays. The ultimate Power Analyser. The Dranetz is a powerful complete Electrical analysis tool.The 8-channel PowerXplorer PX5-400 provides the full range of advanced monitoring and measurement for 400 Hz applications as well as for 50/60 Hz.

Designed specifically for military, shipboard, aerospace and other applications, the PowerXplorer PX5-400 contains the same advanced feature set as the PowerXplorer, including advanced data characterization, cross-triggering power, and the measurement of distortion parameters.