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DRUCK DPI 705 0 to 2 Bar A IS Pressure Indicator

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Druck DPI 705 Series Handheld Pressure Indicators

Ranges 0 to 70 mbar through to 700 bar
0.1% FS accuracy
Rugged, lightweight handheld design
Leak test, tare, max/min and filter
Intrinsically safe version
Pneumatic and hydraulic test kits
Standard ranges available ex-stock

Intrinsically safe (I.S.) versions certified to European and American standards for use in hazardous areas. Compact, robust and lightweight, the DPI 705 is designed for single handed operation and provides many essential features required for routine maintenance and system troubleshooting.

The DPI 705 is ready for use anywhere, anytime...

I.S. version for hazardous areas
Impact resistant, sealed to IP54
Clear high resolution LCD
Carry case with belt loop
Long battery life
Integral desk stand and hanger
No warm up time
16 pressure units
1 minute leak test
Dual pressure fitting - G 1-8 and hose
Ambient temperature measurement

Pressure units
mbar, bar, psi, mH2O, inH2O (4 and 20°C), ftH2O (4 and 20°C), inHg, mmHg, mHg, Pa, hPa, KPa, MPa, Kgf/cm2 and an optional user defined scale.

Leak test
Standard 60 second leak test.

Zero - zero pressure correction.
Tare - 0 to 100% FS zero offset capability.
Filter - a 10 reading rolling average for unstable pressures.
Alarm - adjustable high pressure alarm with visual and audible warning.
Ambient temperature - °C and °F reading of local condition (+/- 1.5°C).
Calibration - used with the optional pneumatic or hydraulic test kits the DPI 705 becomes a low cost calibration tool for gauges and indicators.
Power management low battery indicator and selectable 'Auto Off'.60 second timer Pressure change
Max/Min - Captures both maximum and minimum readings. Maximum value Minimum value

Safety conformance
EN61010, EN50081-1, EN50082-2, CE marked.

Intrinsically safe version
EEx ia IIC T4 (-10 to 50°C)
To EN50020 : 1994 and EN50014 : 1992
Ex ia IIC T4 (-10 to 50°C)
To CAN/CSA - E79 - 11 - 95 and CAN/CSA E79 - 0 - 95
(Division 1, class 1, Groups A, B, C and D)