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The Fluke DTX1800 is a cable analyser designed to speed up and revolutionise certification jobs - there is no other instrument that can deliver like the DTX1800, in fact the Fluke DTX1800 is up to three times faster than all previous models.

The instrument has been designed specifically with ease-of-use in mind meaning there is little training required before use ensuring optimum productivity.


  • Level IV Accuracy: Get the most accurate test results in the shortest possible time.
  • 900 MHz frequency range: Prepares you for future applications, such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Class F and CATV.
  • Battery life: 12 hours.
  • Internal memory stores up to 250 graphical Cat 6 test results or up to 2000 reports in text format.
  • The 'Talk' feature saves time by allowing you to communicate with your test partner at the other end of the link over both copper and fiber.
  • Large color display with bright backlight for easy viewing.
  • Built in USB port for fast data downloads.
  • Rugged and lightweight design meaning it is easily transportable.