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The Gas Alert Max Four Gas Detector is designed for use in confined space and hazardous areas where personnel protection is paramount. It boasts an automated calibration, internal plug-in sampling pump, long-life VersaPak battery power (available in local stores) and a simple, one-button control. Gas Alert Max is powered by two advanced microcontrollers and features plug-in electrochemical and catalytic sensors.


  • High-output audible/visual alarms provide instant notification,
  • The large alphanumeric LCD shows real-time gas concentrations and the instrument’s status at all times,
  • Gas Alert Max clearly advises the hazard present—Low, High, TWA and STEL multi-gas alarm,
  • Recorded TWA, STEL and Peak exposures can be displayed on demand,
  • Gas Alert Max satisfies the OSHA safety regulation CFR1910.146.