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SEBA HL5000 Water Leak Detector

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Find leaks particularly quickly, easily and reliably.


  • Uses modern digital signal processing technology (DSP) to clearly recognise the leak sound, even when there is a lot of noise in the environment.
  • Sounds are perceived audibly & displayed graphically using ultra-modern dual segment analysis (DSA) technology.
  • More reliability when locating water losses with a damaged pipe, water streams out of the leak producing 2 types of noise:

1) The water flowing out of the pipe causes it to vibrate – the Hydrolux & an attached microphone allows you to hear these leak vibrations even at remote locations where contact with the pipe is possible (valve, hydrant, connection to a building etc.)

2) The water issuing at the leak location creates sounds which are transmitted through the ground to the surface. With the help of a ground microphone, the Hydrolux picks up these sounds & graphically displays the volume & the frequency spectrum.