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B2 HVA60 (WITH TAN DELTA CONTROL) Cable Fault Locator

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The smallest, lightest, most advanced universal high voltage test instrument available, ideally suited for a variety of applications. VLF (0.1Hz),DC,Cable Fault Conditioning (Burning), and Sheath/Jacket Testing modes all included. With the B2 HVA60 you have the proven and accepted replacement for the traditional DC Hipot or 'proof' test for solid dielectric cables such as XLPE and EPR. Fully Automatic or manual cable test sequences complying with International Standards/Guides such as IEEE 400.2, VDE 0276, CENELEC, HD620 S1, NEN 3620, SANS 10198 and IEC 60060-3 (draft). The B2 HVA 60 meets all your cable testing requirements.


  • True Symmetrical Sinusoidal,
  • Load independent,
  • Output waveform across the full load range,
  • Real-time Display of actual output wave form,
  • Easy to use, ergonomic, menu guided, large backlit user interface,
  • Rugged, one piece portability,
  • Large output load capability (up to 5?F),
  • Automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement with optimum frequency selection,
  • Storage of test results for later retrieval or download to a PC/Laptop,
  • No oil or arcing contacts that require routine maintenance,
  • Short circuit protected with active arc management regulation that avoids the tripping of conventional HV.