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IUP FAULT WIZARD Cable Fault Locator

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The Fault Expert is a compact and inexpensive cable fault locator system for HV underground cable. The system shows the distance in metres or feet to the fault location, battery voltage, the velocity of propagation setting, the charge voltage, the fault type (open or short), and whether the system is armed for waveform storage. The Fault Expert can be used to perform ar-reflection on cable systems (half-loops, radials etc) for quick power restoration, the fault expert can locate faults up to 3000m.  When joined with the MPP1000 Pinpointer Cable Fault Locator it becomes the essencial kit to find and repair cable faults.


  • Easy fault finding for underground cable,
  • Truly portable,
  • Pinpoints faults whilte the cable is being surged with a 'thumper',
  • Can detect faults up to 15m away,
  • Designed for power and utility companies,
  • Background interference elimination via selectable acoustic frequency band.