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The Megger LTW 425 will operate on a wide range of electrical voltages from 50 V a.c to 300 V a.c single phase supplies and up to 440 V a.c on 3 pha installations.


These include centre tapped 110 V a.c circuits, with 55 V phase to earth. The LTW425 offers a high current high resolution loop test to three decimal places.

This is ideal for establishing the correct Ze on an incoming supply, especially on PME installations. Results of this test can also be used to calculate higher PFC results on the PFC Display. The Megger LTW425 can calculate up to 40 KA using the 0.001 ohm high current, resolution test range. The Megger LTW425 can measure on 110 V a.c systems including 110 V Centre tap to earth.