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MEGGER DLRO-10X Micro-Ohmeter

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The Megger Ductor DLRO10X bring new standards to low resistance measurement. It is a fully automatic instrument, selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10 A dc to measure resistance from 0.1 O to 2000 O on one of seven ranges.

For users who desire more control over the measurement process, DLRO 10X uses a menu system controlled by a two-axis paddle to allow manual selection of the test current. The Megger DLRO10X also adds real-time download of results and on-board storage for later download to a PC. Both instruments are built into a strong, lightweight case that is equally at home in the field or in the laboratory. Light enough to be worn around the neck, they are small enough to be taken into areas which were previously too small to access.

The DLRO 10X has a large, backlit LCD display. Normally, measurements are made across the test sample. The average value is then displayed within three seconds, to a basic accuracy of 0.2 percent. DLRO10X displays both forward and reverse measurements as well as the average of the two. The Megger DLRO 10X allows the user to set high and low pass limits, thereby enabling simple go-no-go testing.