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MEGGER PAT 4DVF Portable Appliance Tester

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PAT4 is quicker to start, test, download and upload. Full Appliance and Client details are stored along with test results. New Appliances may be added as and where you find them.

The combination of Quick Boot, Auto Restart, Real Time Clock, Group Test Codes, Quick Check and Instant Certification will save you up to 50% of your time, resulting in increased efficiency, improved productivity and increased profits for your company compared to other testers.

PAT4 is engineered to maintain data integrity and traceability with storage for up to 1000 assets, 1000 sets of current test results, 1000 sets of historical test results, 10 clients, 20 locations and 50 group test codes at the same time.

The Megger PAT4 is designed to minimise the time taken to test electrical appliances. We believe that PAT4 is the fastest downloading portable appliance tester available on the market today. Boots up in 5 seconds! Some pats take 30 seconds or more to start up, time that could be used carrying out tests. PAT4 quick boots in only 5 seconds.