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PROGRAMMA MOM600 Micro-ohmeter

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Switchgear breakdowns are frequently caused by excessively high contact resistance at breakpoints and busbar joints. Moreover, overheating risks are becoming more serious due to the fact that today's distribution networks have to carry heavier loads. Checking contact resistances at regular intervals detects faults before they cause overheating. And here, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Programma MOM600 Microhmmeter is used to measure contact resistances in high-voltage breakers, disconnecting switches (isolators), knife-contact fuses, bus joints, line joints etc.

The Programm MOM600 mirohmmeter is in a class apart on world markets. Designed for use from the arctic to the tropics, this
rugged, compact microhmmeter is ideal for field work. A complete set of equipment includes a set of highly flexible cables (including separate measurement cables) and a sturdy transport case.