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Based on microprocessor technology, the SMC PME-20-PH is an instrument designed mainly as a phase angle meter, although other parameters, such as Frequency and Power Factor can be measured. SMC PME-20-PH phase angle meter has two inputs, which are individually isolated galvanically. This allows for a voltage input up to 500 V RMS and current input up to 25 A RMS, to be connected directly into the input taps. It is not necessary to change measurement ranges and scales. The phase angle is measured between these 2 inputs, with a resolution of 0.1, regardless of the input values, magnitude (Voltage, Current), or the combinations used.

The instrument is powered with 4 rechargeable batteries, with a capacity of 1.5 V and 1500 A/H, having a use of 6 hours, with a recharge time of 3 hours. The display is a Graphic LCD, with a back light that can be adjusted to suit the ambient conditions. The measurement results are presented simultaneously with the necessary complimentary data, and in the case of the Power Factor measurement, the instrument indicates the phase angle quadrant.