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SEAWARD PRIMETEST 350 Portable Appliance Tester

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The Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester is the latest and most advanced addition to the Seaward PAT Tester range.

The PrimeTest 350 PAT Tester is a 'facilities management tool' because through data logging and capture it also records asset location, helping you meet Health and Safety standards.  What's more, this PAT Tester does every test you need to meet the IET Code of Practice revisions.

  • Hand held
  • Battery powered
  • Definable test
  • USB and Bluetooth download
  • In Situ rechargeable batteries
  • Alternative leakage test, as described in the IEE Code of Practice
  • 250V insulation test. For use when suppressors or other components prevent a 500V insulation test
  • Load measurement. During the protective conductor and touch current tests, the load is measured and displayed as both a power and current measurement