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SMC 50 CET (50A) Relay Test Set

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The SMC 50 CET is capable of testing three phase motor protection relays, testing of three and single phase over current and differential protection relays. They can be used as a complete single phase unit in voltage, current, and phase as outputs are reversible (V, I, j).

The PTE-50-CET equipment is a universal, portable, test system with three outputs to test single and three phase protective relays. The equipment comprises of three independent output channels that can be selected as current or voltage. This enables the unit to be used as a complete single-phase equipment (voltage, current, and phase angle between them) or, with channels synchronised, as a three phase current or three phase voltage generator from a single phase mains input.


  • Variable three phase Current up to 3 x 50A or Voltage up to 3 x 150V.
  • Variable phase angle between 0 - 359.9 (Single or three phase).
  • Harmonic selection independent by phase, up to the 5th harmonic.
  • Output power: 3 x Outputs are fully isolated and electronic.
  • Dynamic capability.
  • Completely programmable.
  • Built-in Timer,
  • 1ms resolution.100VA.
  • Reversible outputs.