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TSI QTRAK 7565 PLUS Air Quality Analyser

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The TSI Qtrak Air Quality Analyser has a large graphical display which allows simultaneous viewing of all parameters.


  • Automatic calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperature saves time and eliminates errors,
  • Calculate outside percentage air using either CO2 or temperature,
  • View summary information on the screen without interrupting an ongoing test,
  • Improved sensor stability for more accuracy between field calibrations,
  • Powerful Data Collection and Reporting stores data with user-selectable logging intervals,
  • Will store up to 33 days of data taken at one-minute intervals,
  • Temperature sensor measures from 32 to 122°F with accuracy to 0.1°F. CO sensor detects concentrations from 0 to 500 ppm with 0.1 ppm resolution,
  • New humidity sensor provides greater stability for more reliable readings,
  • Choose from wet bulb, dew point and relative humidity values.