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Seba KMT Correlux P-1 Water Leak Detector

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The correlator Correlux P-1 is used for leak location on pipes for potable water. Water, escaping from a leak under pressure creates a noise which travels into both directions of the pipe. This noise is recorded by two sensors (piezo-microphones, hydrophones) attached to the pipe (e.g: valves, hydrants), amplified and transmitted to the correlator. The Correlux P-1 compares both signals (correlation) and calculates the exact distance to the leak by use of the signal delay, the sensor distance and the sound velocity.


  • Easy handling with rotary encoder,
  • Rugged and compact design,
  • Simultaneous display of the correlation chart and the coherence spectrum (FFT- analysis),
  • Quick filter optimisation without using menus,
  • Fast and easy leak identifi cation by using the overview measurement with unknown pipe parameters ,
  • High radio output for broad reach, 
  • Transmitter and correlator with direct headphones plug-in to listen live to the leak noise,
  • Recharging the complete system in the closed case - direct charging is possible, too,
  • Up to 6 pipe sections measurable,
  • Active piezo ceramics accelerometers, best suited for plastic pipes,
  • Automatic and manual fi lter adjustment 0 - 4000 Hz,
  • Reliable measurement results,
  • Ideal on plastic pipes,
  • Long operating time.