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T&R 200ADM-P Relay Test Set c/w Phase Shifter

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The 200ADM-P is a current injection system with a wide range of advanced features including phase shift, data storage and harmonic analysis.

The  unit  has  a  range  of  outputs  allowing  injection  of  currents between 1mA and 200A. Voltages up to 240V are available on the main outputs allowing high impedance current relays to be tested. True RMS metering with single cycle capture is provided. 4 current ranges allow the full scale of the meter and trip level to be set independently  of  the  selected  output.  Industry  standard  safety connectors are used throughout for safe, reliable convenience.

The unit has a comprehensive timing system linked to the outputs allowing  trip  times,  reset  times  and  reclose  times  to  be  quickly measured to a high degree of accuracy. The timer includes a current operated mode and can accurately test instantaneous trips. Two  USB  host  sockets  are  provided  to  connect  a  memory  key, keyboard  or  printer.  Results  of  every  test  can  be  stored  to  the memory key in spreadsheet format for later analysis. The keyboard allows  entry  of  a  comment  against  each  result.  In  addition  a graphics file of the waveform may be stored to the memory key. Harmonic analysis results can also be recorded.


  • 0-200A output current
  • True RMS metering with 1 cycle capture
  • Variable auxiliary ac voltage/current output with phase shift
  • Auxiliary metering input V, f, F, Z, P, S, PF, CT ratio, harmonics ...
  • Variable auxiliary output 12-220Vdc
  • Multi-function auto-ranging timing system
  • Current limit mode for fine control
  • Data storage to USB memory key including waveform & harmonics
  • USB keyboard/printer interface
  • Automatic mains voltage selection