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SMC DC-750-T Three-Phase Shifter

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The three phase shifter DC-750-T is an electromechanical based unit with a digital meter for the phase angle value. It is a single unit reduced in size, with wheels for easy transport.

The phase shifter DC-750-T is operated by a regulation knob, with a range of 0-360 Degrees Contained is a digital phase angle meter (SM-45 F2) which is microprocessor controlled and measures the phase angle between input and output voltages. It also measures the power factor (Cos?), calculated from the measured angle value. As well, measures the frequency from 20 to 100.0Hz.

The DC-750-T phase shifter works in all types of three phase phantom load circuits and can be used to work with any factor between 0 and +/-1. The use of this phase shifter is essential in testing power protection, power measurements transducers, wattmeters, power factor meters, energy meters and in general, any type of test that implies the electrical power concept.