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SMC PME 500 TR Circuit Breaker Analyser

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The SMC PME-500-TR is an extraordinary step forward in the concept of circuit breaker test equipment, due to its simple and easy control method. The equipment saves time and improves testing productivity.

The control of the equipment is by a touch screen panel, this allows test parameters to be entered and gives a visual display of the test results in graphic and numeric format. A built-in thermal printer enables test results to be printed immediately. The PME-500-TR can be connected to any AC supply between 100 and 240V. The unit is also powered by internal rechargeable batteries that provide 10-hour operation time, allowing to work also when no AC supply is available.

All the features contained in the equipment, such as manual control via the touch screen panel, an internal battery supply, a built-in printer and having a clear and easy to operate system, makes the PME-500-TR the most advanced equipment within its category to test circuit breakers.