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SEAWARD SUPERNOVA Portable Appliance Tester

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The Seaward Supernova Plus is an Accurate Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) capable of every measurement required on any given piece of portable electrical apparatus. It can carry out Earth Bond and Leakage Measurements even when multiple Earth Paths exist. Multi Voltage In/Multi Voltage Out Has up to 5000 Memory Locations containing appliances sites, locations, user, test status and date.


  • Dual Voltage,
  • Test Capability,
  • Polarity Lead,
  • Tests Information,
  • Technology equipment,
  • Real time clock,
  • Non-volatile memory,
  • Capable of printing barcode labels in conjunction with thermal printer Connects to PC,
  • Barcode reader,
  • Brain Cells Scanner,
  •  Auto test code generation,
  • User defined HELP Screens Superfast download up to 10 times quicker than most existing testers.