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VIVAX VLOC PRO Multi-purpose locator

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The vLocML is a multi-purpose locator with a factory installed option to locate the various buried “markers” used in our industry. The unit is recognisable by the carbon fibre collar near the base of the antenna tube. Other manufacturers use clumsy fold down antennas, or heavy internal ferrite antennas. The Vivax solution is a permanently mounted lightweight carbon fibre encased antenna.

The vLocML provides the choice of locating one type of marker only or all markers simultaneously. One can also choose to look only for markers, or locate and search for markers at the same time.


  • ABS & Carbon fibre construction to provide rugged strength and a light weight product.
  • Dual core processor and colour display provide fast and clean response.
  • An intuitive menu system enables the user to configure just the features required.
  • Over 65 receiver frequencies included for compatibility with other manufacturers.
  • Peak, null, left/right and orientation (compass) response to support your preference.
  • Depth & current displayed simultaneously at the press of a button.
  • Continuous depth or current displayed (selectable).
  • Rechargeable batteries with alkaline backup provide the ultimate power source for the receiver.
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