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CTL100 CellCare Voltlogger Battery Load Tester

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The Voltlogger is a digital microprocessor controlled battery test instrument that replaces the traditional, potentially inaccurate, 'paper and pencil ' methods typically used during batter maintenance. The unit can be clipped to your belt giving 'Hands free' operation.

The Voltlogger has been specifically designed for the standby battery test industry. The user simply has to connect the standard fused probes to the cell to be measured and the internal microprocessor takes over - measuring, displaying and storing the cell voltage in about a second. An audio signal indicates that it's ready for the next cell. In the stationary (standby) mode the user can measure up to 2,048 readings of cell voltage. These are stored in 8 separate data strings of 256 readings, denoted by strings A through to H. In the motive power mode, up to 960 readings are stored in 20 strings of 48 readings, denoted by strings A through to T. The stored readings can later be downloaded to your PC via a standard RS-232 interface - it's that simple.

The supplied software is also fully compatible with the Hydrostik automatic microprocessor controlled digital hydrometer / thermometer.