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Ultra-compact and universal VLF High Voltage Test Set with integrated TD Diagnostics.

The b2 electronic GmbH high voltage testing and diagnostics device HVA28TD offers outstanding features in terms of size, weight, ruggedness, safety and ease of use. Testing and diagnostics of medium voltage cables, rotating machines and transformers was never that easy. This unit has a Tan Delta option.


  • Output voltage 28kVpeak, 20kVrms,
  • Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent),
  • Output current 20mA max,
  • Highest test capacity of 10μF,
  • Ultra light and compact weight (14kg),
  • Total protection – unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof case,
  • Protection class IP67 (with closed lid),
  • Unlimited and continuous duty cycle,
  • Large Colour display (4,3”),
  • Internal TD measurement with high accuracy (1 x 10-4),
  • Tan Delta measurement with various frequency (0,01 – 0,1 Hz),
  • Cable testing according: CENELEC HD 620/621, IEEE 400.2-2004, IEEE 400-2001, etc.
  • Programmable test sequences,
  • USB and Bluetooth connections,
  • Upgradable with partial discharge,
  • Diagnostic system (optional),
  • Integrated 12kV transient protection (50Hz),
  • Dual Discharge Device (DDD®),both integrated and automatic discharge devices,
  • Easy exchangeable HV cable,
  • Intuitive menu operation,
  • Sheath Test,
  • Sheath Fault Locating (in combination with Earth Fault Locator),
  • Vacuum Bottle Test.