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When it comes to performance under pressure, Digitron’s 4000 Series of hand-held digital manometers are in league of their own! They are easy to operate, reliable and built to last. The 4000 Series has been specifically developed in order to meet the performance and cost demands of today’s industrial and HVAC professionals.


  • Pressure ranges from1mbar to 10bar(0.0004”H20 to 4021.8PSI).
  • Pressure range to 500barwith an externaltransducer (not supplied).
  • Scales in mbar, bar, PSI,inH2O, inHg, mmH2O,mH2O, mm/cm/mHg, Pa and kPa.
  • Long battery life:typically 200 hours.
  • Automatic zero calibrationfor added accuracy.
  • Logging mode for storage,retrieval and output ofreadingsd HVAC professionals.