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T&R 500ADM Current Injection System

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T&R Test Equipment is a market leader in the field of current injection equipment. The 500ADM is an extremely compact and portable primary current injection system with a 500A output capability. The unit is ideally suited to all low power primary injection tasks requiring up to 500A for 1 minute.

The unit has two outputs, allowing injection of currents as low as a few hundred milliamps and up to 500A. Voltages up to 16V are available on the 40A output, allowing higher impedance trips to be tested. Four true RMS metering ranges are provided, allowing the full scale of the meter and trip level to be set independently of the selected output. Industry standard connectors are used on all inputs and outputs for convenience, reliability and safety.

The 500ADM is comprehensively protected by electronic Over current and thermal trips. The timing system is very flexible without compromising ease of use, allowing trip times, reset times and reclose times to be quickly measured to a high degree of accuracy. Two contact inputs are provided, each of which may be trigged by a volt free contact or a dc voltage. The contact inputs auto-sense for normally open or normally closed contacts. The 500ADM can be used to test many devices including, Circuit breakers. Primary injection of over-current relays. Auto-reclosers. MCB's.


  • Primary injection up to 500A. 0-4V 500A and 0-16V 40A outputs.
  • True RMS digital metering.
  • Memory ammeter.
  • Multi-function timing system.
  • Bright, clear LED displays.
  • Thermal and over-current protection.
  • Automatic switch-off at end of test.
  • Highly compact and portable.
  • Dual supply voltage operation.
  • Shoulder strap.