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CHAUVIN ARNOUX CA6415 Earth Tester

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The ideal measuring instrument for parallel earth networks, the C.A 6415 earth clamp is ultra-fast and safe; it not only tests earth loops quickly but also measures leakage current discharging into the earth. The C.A 6415 is the top-of-the-range model; it has a programmable alarm and a measurement memorisation function.



  • Earth Clamp has a measuring frequency of 2,400Hz. Capable of detecting up to 1,200 Ohms of ground resistance & has 7 different measurement ranges in order to get results that are as accurate as possible.
  • Results may become slightly less accurate as the measurement range increases.
  • Insulation test meter can also detect up to 29.9 Amps of current and/or leakage current, making this clamp a multi-purpose piece of insulation test equipment.
  • Designed to test earth resistance without the need to disconnect the earth bar.
  • Measurements can be taken by simply clamping the device onto the earth cables meaning preparation time is minimal. Purpose-built to allow one-handed use.
  • Jaws of the clamp, operated using the trigger located on the left of the body, have a clamping diameter of 32 millimetres.