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The cable identification system KSG 100 is used to identify single or multicore cables from a cable bundle or cable strand. The KSG 100 consists of a transmitter and a receiver with a flexible coupler (Rogowski coil). Both units are equipped with microcontrollers and can thus communicate with one another. The latest software algorithms perform numerous plausibility checks and thus ensure that the system is not only easy to use, but also the maximum reliability of the measured results.

The transmitter contains a capacitor that is charged and then discharged into the target cable. During this process the test sample must be connected in such a way that current can flow through it. The flexible coupler is used to couple to the current pulse in the target cable; the direction of flow of the current pulse and its amplitude are indicated on the display of the receiver. The amplitude of the current pulse is dependent on the loop resistance. To be able to clearly determine the direction of current flow, the positive output is colour-coded red and the flexible coupler marked with an arrow.