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PV150 Solar Installation Test Kit

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The PV150 all-in-one PV installation tester makes proving the electrical integrity of a PV system faster, safer and easier than ever before. With simple direct connections to PV systems, the PV150 performs open circuit voltage, short circuit current and insulation resistance tests at the press of a button.

As well as super fast and comprehensive testing, the PV150 is also able to wirelessly receive and record irradiance and temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R in real-time as electrical tests are conducted. The PV150 is provided as part of a comprehensive test kit designed to meet all test requirements of PV systems in accordance with IEC 62446, BS EN 62446, EN 62446 and other certification schemes, standards and recommendations for best practise.


  • Combines all electrical tests required by MCS and IEC 62446,
  • Memory for up to 200 records USB download to PC,
  • Records irradiance wirelessly (separate SolarSurvey 200R required),
  • Single key testing and measurement Safe test connection with energised PV arrays,
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