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Jofra CTC 660 Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

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Designed for on-site use, the Jofra CTC 660 is a fast and reliable dry block temperature calibrator. This instrument covers a wide temperature range from 28 to 660°C (82 to 1220°F) enabling it to cover almost all standard industrial temperature calibration applications. It also comprises a purpose-dedicated temperature regulator which provides a quick heating and cooling time as well as a short stabilization time.

The Jofra CTC 660 has a built in, easy to read and very informative colour display that gives the user a complete overview of the calibration task they are performing.


  • A signal input for an external reference sensor making it possible to improve accuracy even more.
  • Multi sensor calibration.
  • Plug and play reference sensors.
  • IRI - Intelligent Recalibration Information.
  • Broad range of inserts.
  • Reference sensor protection.
  • Silent mode operation.
  • Protective carrying case.
  • Weight: CTC-660 6.1 kg / 13.4 lb
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 248x148x305 mm / 9.76x5.83x12.01 in