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HV Portable AC Hipot Test Set

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The HV Portablte AC Hipot Test Set is a rugged and reliable instrument designed for use in multiple fields and repair shop applications such as testing overhead apparatus, fuses and arrestors, linemans safety products, small transformers, electrical components and much more.


  • Include a dual range kilovoltmeter.
  • Include a triple range output current meter.
  • Adjustable output voltage control.
  • External safety interlock.
  • Zero start safety interlock.
  • Self resetting over current protection.
  • Guard/ground return mode.
  • Hand cart option is available.
  • Dimensions: 13” w x 13” d x 22” h 330 mm w x 330 mm d x 559 mm h.
  • Weight: Control–35 lbs. (16kg) / HV Tank–85 lbs. (39kg).