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Baur PGK 70-2.5 HB AC/DC HV Test Set

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The PGK 70-2.5 HB is a two-part test set PGK HB designed to generate variable AC test voltages of mains frequency or DC voltages of positive or negative polarity. The high current output from this instrument makes it one of the best in the industry!

The operating unit in 19“ design has a voltage and current display, safety control elements according to VDE 0104 and a variable transformer for voltage adjustment.

The high voltage unit contains an oil insulated high voltage transformer and, depending on the desired operation mode, a rectifier rod or a resistor rod. The polarity of the DC test voltage can be changed by reversing the rectifier in the high voltage unit.


  • Absolutely maintenance-free design
  • Stepless adjustable output voltage
  • Safety control according to VDE 0104
  • Short-circuit protected by internal current limitation
  • Voltage indication: 2 range analogue meter, ratio 1:3
  • Current measurement: 3 range analogue meter, decadic thermal overcurrent switch-off

Package Includes

  • High voltage test set PGK 70 / 2,5 HB without accessories
  • Earth and discharge rod GDR 80-500
  • Connection cable HV unit - operating unit; 5 m long
  • Ground line 3 m long
  • HV connection cable, approx. 2.5 m long; with crocodile clip
  • Key for changing of rectifier rod / resistance rod
  • Rectifier rod for DC voltage operation; incorporated in HV unit
  • Resistance rod for AC voltage operation
  • Mains connection cable
  • User guide