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Megger digiPHONE+

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The Digiphone plus pinpoints underground cable faults with unprecedented accuracy and sets a new standard by applying innovative audio concepts. This combination results in a pinpointing device for high resistive faults that is unsurpassed in sensitivity.

Digiphone plus works off the "thunder and lightning principle" of fault location. In the same way you can measure how far away a storm is by counting the distant between a faster lightning flash and its slower thunder, this pinpointer works by measuring the energy around an underground fault. If you think of the flashover at a fault as the lightning, the Digiphone measures distance by figuring timing between that electromagnetic "flash" and the seismic (or acoustic) jolt also created at the moment of flashover.


  • Finds the fault with unprecedented accuracy
  • Offers simple visual directions
  • Possesses smart background noise reduction
  • Automatically limits audio volume to 84 decibels
  • Requires no user adjustments
  • Perfect acoustic quality & noise immunity
  • Automatic mute function to protect your ears
  • Bright, transflective sun readable display
  • Easy handling with automatic adjustment
  • Earphone volume limitation to 84 dB(A)
  • High ground stability of the sensor up to 45°
  • Receiver operating time: > 10 hours
  • Receiver protection rating: IP 54
  • Receiver dimensions: 65 x 225 x 100mm
  • Receiver weight: 0.9kg (including batteries)
  • Sensor dimensions: 230mm diameter x 140 mm height
  • Sensor weight: 2.2kg (including batteries & handle)
  • Sensor protection rating: IP65

Package Includes

  • DigiPHONE+ Receiver unit with shoulder strap
  • Headset Sensor unit with: telescopic handle, tips (18m & 75mm) & tripod
  • Sensor connection cable
  • Set of batteries
  • Carry bag with foam inserts
  • User guide