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Megger digiPHONE+

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The new digiPHONE+, is the new definition of silence and the innovation for the cable fault pinpointing!
A combination of different technologies for the efficient noise suppression provides you with a maximised, perfect acoustic performance, which passes only the fault noise.

Background Noise Reduction

The new, intelligent BNR technology with filtering and back-ground noise suppression produces an undisturbed acoustic experience, and lets only the fault sound to your ears.

Automatic Proximity Mute

This is the second silent technology in the digiPHONE+. As soon as one approaches the handle, the sound switches off, before the hand touches the handle with no cracks or bangs. After removing the hand, a short delay ensures that the digiPHONE+ sensor is standing stable and possible mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset is activated.

The new housing concept of the sensor in connection with a floating microphone suspension reduces the body of sound of the sensor itself and provides a solid standing of the digiPHONE+ sensor even on sloped surfaces.
The left-right indication allows the operator to always be on top of the cable: and a compass indicates the fault direction. Distance to fault can be displayed in meters or feet.

  • Perfect acoustic quality & noise immunity
  • Automatic mute function to protect your ears
  • Bright, transflective sun readable display
  • Easy handling with automatic adjustment
  • Earphone volume limitation to 84 dB(A)
  • High ground stability of the sensor up to 45°
  • Receiver operating time: > 10 hours
  • Receiver protection rating: IP 54
  • Receiver dimensions: 65 x 225 x 100mm
  • Receiver weight: 0.9kg (including batteries)
  • Sensor dimensions: 230mm diameter x 140 mm height
  • Sensor weight: 2.2kg (including batteries & handle)
  • Sensor protection rating: IP65

Package Includes

  • DigiPHONE+
  • Receiver unit with shoulder strap
  • Headset
  • Sensor unit with: telescopic handle, tips (18m & 75mm) & tripod
  • Sensor connection cable
  • Set of batteries
  • Carry bag with foam inserts
  • User guide