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ALBER CELLCORDER Battery Load Tester

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The Cellcorder® CRT-400 Cell Resistance Tester was specially designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries. When a battery is tested, the measurements will be affected by several factors:

  • Online tests are subject to ripple (AC noise) from the charger or inverters.
  • Batteries have a natural capacitance that will influence the accuracy of the readings.
  • The size of the test current directly relates to the accuracy of the measurement.

With Albér's patented technology, the CRT-400 Cellcorder’s DC resistance test is not influenced by these factors. The Alber Cellcorder continues to outperform the competitive AC testing instruments by producing repeatable results in all environments.

This well-proven and patented DC resistance test completely eliminates the guess work when trying to find the weakest link. Measures and records the three critical parameters: cell voltage and internal battery resistance as well as Intercell resistance.


  • Float Voltage Readings,
  • Internal Cell Resistance,
  • Intercell Resistance,
  • Auto Ranging,
  • Data Extraction and Analysis.