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Megger B10E Circuit Breaker Analyser

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The Megger B10E is a reliable and stable power supply for circuit breaker testing and is designed specifically for use in substations and industrial locations. The Megger B10E is intended for testing medium and high-voltage power circuit breakers, using innovative technology; the Megger B10E uses a ripple free, variable DC voltage to operate breaker coils and charging motors to ascertain the condition of these devices.

The compact Megger B10E provides reliable assistance to workers who carry out maintenance on high-voltage breakers. The control panel’s intuitive layout makes the instrument easy-to-use and the built-in thermal cut out and overload protector make it safe for use.

This instrument has been developed together with breaker manufacturers and testing personnel.


  • Reliable and stable a.c. and d.c. power supply for circuit breaker testing
  • Continuously variable 24-250 V AC or DC output
  • Direct triggering for minimum trip voltage testing
  • Changeover switch used to select either DC or AC coil outputs
  • Changeover switch used to select either coil outputs or spring- charging motor outputs
  • DC voltage outputs for spring-charging motor. Provide un-smoothed, half-wave rectified DC ranging up to 18 A
  • Button for turning on spring-charging motor voltage
  • Current shunt used to measure external current in coils or spring-charging motor
  • Digital voltage readout display for voltage selection
  • Inputs for external trig signal or short-circuiting jumper
  • Reset button for thermal, overload and/or time-limit cut-outs
  • Variable transformer