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Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Logger

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The Fluke 1736 is an easy-to-use Three-Phase Power Logger designed for use in a variety of applications including energy assessments and voltage and current event capture.

This innovative instrument has been built with the Fluke Connect® mobile app and desktop software which allows users to maintain safe working distances whilst making critical decisions in real-time, therefore reducing the requirement for expensive protective equipment and time-costing site visits and check-ins.

The Fluke 1736 is highly accurate and easy to set-up due to the optimised user interface, flexible current probes and intelligent measurement verification function, all of which allow users to minimise measurement errors by digitally verifying and correcting common connection errors.


• Capable of measuring all three phrases and neutral with the included flexible current probes

• Comprehensive logging – more than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored at one time

• Capture dips, swells and inrush currents including event waveform snapshots and high result ion RMS profiles

• Bright, colour touchscreen allowing users to conveniently display data on the graphical display

• Optimised user interface

• Complete “in-field” set-up through the front panel or the Fluke Connect® app

• Fully integrated logging

• Energy Analyse Plus application software

• Dimensions: 19.8cm x 16.7cm x 5.5cm

• Weight: 1.1kg


• Load studies

• Energy assessments

• Harmonic measurements

• Voltage and current event capture

Kit Includes

• Fluke 1736

• Power supply

• Voltage test leads

• Alligator clips

• 12 in 1,500A flexible current probe

• Soft carrycase

• Line cords

• Colour coding set

• Documentation on USB